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Parent Survey Results - October 2022

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parent survey results

Parent Comments Oct 2022

  • Lovely school.  All of the amazing teachers are here to help my daughter to reach her highest possible expectations and goals.  Thank you.
  • Lovely school – welcoming environment.  Would love to see more outdoor/playground equipment/activities.
  • Am happy that my kids are happy in this school.  Teachers and staff all of them are very nice and cooperative.
  • Children would benefit from more after school opportunities such as gardening club, cooking clubs.  The children would in my opinion benefit from more homework.
  • Lovely school and staff.  Keep up the good work!
  • I hope my child keeps up with the hard work and thank you to the YR5/6 teachers.
  • Great school and lovely teaching staff, always happy I feel confident leaving my child here.
  • My child has transitioned smoothly into reception by help of the staff making him feel comfortable.
  • I am very happy with my child because she is doing really well and also very big thank you to all Lydgate staff they are doing really well with all children.  I always recommend to everyone this school.
  • Keep up the good work Lydgate!
  • My child has SEND and school have always been supportive in any way they can.
  • Thank you for all your support.
  • We feel so happy with the way our child has integrated himself into school life.
  • Always wonderful feedback in regards to her day at school, great work and effort all round!
  • Thank you for all the help and support.
  • An amazing school where my child is supported and expectations allow him to succeed.  Thank you.
  • Very happy with my sons work at school and the help he gets.
  • My child has not been at the school long enough for me to answer the questions accurately or reliably, but for the small time she has been attending Lydgate, we are satisfied and happy with the correspondence the school has had with us.  The homework is regular and we are informed with the learning taking place during the term.
  • My children enjoy coming to school and look forward to it.
  • I feel Lydgate is the best school for my child.
  • Daughter has settled in very nicely.  Very impressed with the phonics program and how quick she is picking things up.  Thank you.
  • My child has only just started school and it has only been a half term therefore I am unsure of a lot of the statements made above.  I am sure as time goes on I will be able to provide more feedback!
  • A very good school, very informative, respectful and friendly.
  • Keep it up Lydgate!


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