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Welcome to Reception

We are delighted to have your child at Lydgate and this half term is all about getting to know them, their likes, dislikes, learning styles and how best to interact with them to get the most out of them.  We focus on settling them in and helping them to be safe, comfortable and happy in our setting.


Autumn 1 Overview

This half term’s topic is 'Me and My Family'.  Your child will be learning about themselves, how they change and grow from being an infant and comparing what they can do now as opposed to what they did as a baby.  It’s all about observing and noticing the skills and knowledge they gain as they get older.  We also focus on school routines and friendships, making sure all children find good friends and know how to be a good friend by the end of the half term. 



We will send homework every week.  We alternate between maths, English and Topic. Homework relates to what has been taught in school during the week.  Please work with your child to complete homework, but resist doing it for them.  Homework is there for the child to complete and therefore learn new skills or secure their learning.


In Maths, we are focusing on recognising and using numbers from 0-5 and children will understand the concept of 0.  They will learn to count, order numbers, add and subtract1 from any number. They will also learn to spot patterns in colours, shapes, numbers and quantities and start to recognise repeating patterns.

In English, children will learn stories and the sequence of events in stories, so they can re-tell and perform them.  They will learn vocabulary including setting, events and characters.  In Phonics, children will start Phase 2 and focus on some of the lower case sounds of the alphabet which will help them start to blend sounds to read words.

PE lessons are

Mrs Broome’s class  - Thursday

Mrs Corcoran/Mrs Hirst’s class – Tuesday



Reading Video 720.m4v

We would like your child to read with you at least 4 times per week. Please record your comments in their yellow reading record telling us how they have got on.  Your child will need to bring their book bag every day to school. Homework will be sent out every Friday and needs to be returned by the following Wednesday.

Snack money will be collected every half term (£2) from each child.  This enables us to buy them not only biscuits for snack time and treats for golden time, but also helps to provide materials for cooking, play dough and other things to help with their learning.



There are lots of great sites your child can use to practise their maths and reading. Here are some suggested ones on the links below.



1.Choose Foundation

2. Maths, choose Numbers, choose counting for all number activities.

3. Choose Literacy, phonics- for all reading activities and games.

Phonicsplay- Free subscription at the moment  @  www.phonicsplay.co.uk 

Username: march20, password: home, choose Phase 2

Oxford Owl - www.oxfordowl.co.uk -Oxford Owl- reading site with free books #reading#ebooks#onlineresources#primary      


Please feel free to come and see us straight after school if you have any queries.

Mrs Hirst, Mrs Broome and Mrs Corcoran.

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