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At Lydgate we want to inspire our children to have a lifelong love of music and encourage them to become musicians and music enthusiasts.  We achieve this through listening to a range of music and musicians and sharing the vocabulary needed to voice their opinions.

From Reception to Year 6 we use Charanga to teach a high quality, well-structured and child friendly music program.  

In Reception children are exposed to different genres of music, create patterns with percussion instruments and perform songs and poetry. We want children to enjoy listening and interacting with music so provide opportunities through a range of subject areas. 

Key Stage 1 children are taught to listen and appraise a range of songs; sing simple songs and rhymes; know how to find the pulse of a piece of music; have an early understanding of rhythm and pitch; improvise using their voices and play a range of percussion instruments. Each topic combines these skills to create a performance piece for the children to share.

In Key Stage 2 these skills are built on. The children will listen and appraise; play games to develop a great understanding of pulse, rhythm and pitch; explore further music skills such as tempo, timbre and structure; use musical notation; play tuned instruments; improvise; compose and finally, perform in front of an audience.

We also provide additional times for children to practice these skills by building musical opportunities into other lessons. In Reception and Key Stage 1, for example, music is used to teach simple stories, help remember facts and allow the children to explore the world around them.  

We are also proud to produce several performances each year for our friends and families such as Christmas and end of year celebrations.

Our music curriculum intends to engage and inspire all children to be creative, confident and able to acknowledge their musical achievements. 

We also have weekly whole school Singing Assemblies which combine the teaching and singing of new songs with musical games and vocabulary.  We want to expose our children to a range of relatable songs and musical artists and provide them with a catalogue of well-known songs, influential British musicians and songs with cultural significance.

We also have a weekly KS2 Music Club.  During these sessions we focus on finding the pulse in a range of songs, creating simple rhythmic patterns and singing together. This time gives our children an additional opportunity to share their love and understanding of music.

We start each year with The National Anthem to promote our national identity before we focus on a range of songs including Yellow Submarine, Let it Be and Penny Lane by The Beatles; Bear Necessities and You’ve Got a Friend in Me from classic films; Shine by Take that; Any Dream Will Do from the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat; We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions by Queen; and Starman by David Bowie.

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