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Lydgate School Council


What have we done so far?

Traffic Issues

Parking on Lydgate Road has been a problem for years and the school council have decided to try and do something about it.  The children conducted a survey to highlight the problems. 

They discovered

  • Parking on the yellow lines.
  • Parking across our neighbours drives.
  • Cars speeding down the road.

Lydgate has come up with an action plan.

  • Perfect parking campaign.
  • Wow programme (walk to school)
  • Strider the Mascot visiting the school.
  • To hold a competition to design a poster to encourage parents to park carefully.

Funding for ways to sort parking on Lydgate Road.

In June 2020, the school council visited the local community centre to bid for funding to help with parking on Lydgate Road.  They did a brilliant job canvasing for the money and were rewarded with £150.  The children used this money to buy ‘STOP PARKING’ posters for the outside of the school. 


Walk to School Week 2020


Well done everyone at Lydgate
During ‘Walk to School Week’ more children either walked to school or used park and stride, with less children arriving by car and parking on Lydgate Road.


WOW programme and Strider

At the beginning of June, Lydgate launched the WOW programme.  Every day the children have to click on the ‘Living streets tracker’ to track how they came to school. We are encouraging the children to either walk to school or park and stride.  If the children do these 3 times a week then they will get a badge.  The children are very excited about this and parents are telling us that they are been asked by their children to park on Soot Hill and walk down Lydgate Road. This is excellent news. 


We even had a visit from the WOW programme mascot Strider.  Here he is with our Head Boy and Jim from Living streets. 

Perfect Parking

As part of our ‘Perfect Parking’ campaign, the school council went outside to monitor the amount of traffic on Lydgate Road.  Luckily it was the day when the local parking patrol came too. They noticed lots of parking on the pavement, blocking resident’s drives and parking on the yellow lines outside school.


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