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Reading Friends of Lydgate

Currently we have parents who are training to become volunteers to support reading in our school.  Training is free and is completed over 4 weeks. Volunteers commit to a flexible reading time which works around them.

If you are interested please contact Mrs Westbury



Dear Parents/ Carers

We appreciate that keeping children engaged in their learning at home is not going to be easy however we have prepared some support and resourcing for the teaching and enjoyment in reading both independently and with adult support.

Have a look at the videos below or follow the step instructions and get reading!

If you need extra help just email me....


Mrs K M Westbury


Oxford Owl



Click the owl and follow these steps:

1) Click on the books tab. 

2) Click the 'Free eBook library'.

3) Then pick your reading colour level.


Over 7000 books here for you to read!

Home Learning Gateway


Click the picture above to access your free books at home.

1) Select filter and chose from various options, but I would recommend starting with your year group.

2) Next click the 'SEARCH' icon (magnifying glass) to find your books.

You can browse and select books by topics.  You can read books to yourself or they can be read aloud to you where it will highlight the words as it reads.

If you don't understand a word, click on it and go to the dictionary to find its meaning.


Accelerated Reader

Log on by clicking below to access your quizzes

Image result for accelerated reader home 



Click the picture below to access your AR books at home (Readon.myon.co.uk)

Home Learning Gateway

1) Select filter and click 'ATOS' so you can pick your ZPD level and 'Languages' as English (UK) .

2) Next click the 'SEARCH' icon (magnifying glass) to find your books.

You can use any books you wish to read but if you want to take your quizzes with your books you will need to use the ATOS icon to see your ZPD level and must select the language as English (UK) otherwise it will not have a quiz. Copy and paste the book title into Accelerated Reader Home Connect to find your quiz. 

(If you lock yourself out don't panic I can unlock that too!)


Hit enter to search