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PSHE stands for..

P - Personal

S - Social and

H - Health

E - Education


Lydgate is a school committed to PSHE.

We work with the PSHE Association to ensure that our children become happy and fulfilled children with life skills to help them contribute to society and aim high in life.

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SEAL stands for...

S - Social and

E - Emotional

A - Aspects of

L - Learning


As part of our social and emotional curriculum we have worked with the Thrive Approach for several years to  which support individual needs and help our children become happy, healthy and confident individuals.

Here is a parent guide to embracing THRIVE

Find out more about THRIVE here...


PSHE units that run throughout school from Year 1-6

Autumn 1 - Friendship and care

Autumn 2 - Rights and Responsibilities

Spring 1 - Keeping Safe

Spring 2 - Money

Summer 1 - Feelings

Summer 2 - Global Issues

SEAL units that run throughout school from Reception to Year 6

Autumn 1 - New beginnings

Autumn 2 - Getting on and falling out

Spring 1 - Going for goals

Spring 2 - Good to be me

Summer 1 - Relationships

Summer 2 - Changes


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