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Summer Term


Our Geography topic for the Summer term is The British Isles. This will be building on the children's previous knowledge of the UK by learning more about the countries of the British Isles and the seas that surround it. We will then be focusing on counties and learning more about the greatest county of  them all - Yorkshire! We'll develop our map skills further by using 8 points of a compass to locate cities, for example: if I start in Birmingham and travel North East, where will I end up? 

We will be using atlases, different types of maps, books and the internet to explore the diverse physical features of the British Isles, such as its thousands of miles of coastline, rivers, mountains and hills. 

In the second half of the summer term, we will be learning what the water cycle is, which will be covered as part of our science topic of 'States of Matter.'


In Science, we are learning about sound. How sound is made; how it travels through solids liquids and gases; how we hear and how distance affects the volume of sound. We have also linked this learning with our music lessons where the children will explore pitch and volume using a range of musical instruments. 

Our science learning in summer 2 will be 'States of Matter'. In this topic, we'll learn that there are three states of matter, which are solids, liquids and gases, and we will experiment with ways of changing these states from one to another. We will also find out what evaporation, condensation and precipitation are in terms of the water cycle.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Owusu and Mrs Mira

Please remember...




Please bring your reading book in your book bag

Water bottle and packet of tissues

 4 times a week

Reading at home and record in your yellow reading record book

Tuesday & Wednesday 

PE – If possible, please can girls wear leggings on these days.


Homework to be given out and returned the following Wednesday.

Please help by practising your times tables at home. Year 4 should know 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 x 12

Pumps to be left at school and worn every day.



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