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Year 6 Film 2015 - MACBETH

For 2015's Year 6 movie, the decision was made for the children to film their own adaptation of a story they had studied in great detail earlier in the year - William Shakespeare's Macbeth. In their version, a teacher is reading Macbeth to a class while two of the pupils daydream about it. One is obsessed with a particular video game, and imagines part of the story created in Minecraft. The other pictures herself as Lady Macbeth in a classic black and white movie.

There were three distinct filming styles used in Macbeth. The classroom scenes were the most straightforwad to film, in full colour live action. The black and white scenes were mostly filmed in front of the green screen (although one scene was recorded outside, in the wildlife area), with the editors adding in the castle interior backgrounds during post-production. Finally, since we didn't have the budget to build a replica castle on the school fields, the children spent a great deal of time creating their own virtual film sets in Minecraft. They then used a digital capture device to record themselves acting the story out, along with recording the actors' voices to be put together during editing.

There was a tremendous amount of effort put into Macbeth by the whole Year 6 year group, from scriptwriting and virtual set design in pre-production; acting, camerawork, directing, props and costume during filming, and editing, special effects and advertising in post-production.

Because Macbeth was filmed in HD, and due to file size limits on our website, it has been split into five parts below which are meant to be viewed in full screen. There is a lower resolution version of the whole film HERE.

Macbeth - Part 1

Macbeth - Part 2

Macbeth - Part 3

Macbeth Internet Part 3.mp4

Macbeth - Part 4

Macbeth Internet 4.mp4

Macbeth - Final Part

Macbeth Internet Part 5.mp4
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