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School's TV at Lydgate


Lydgate is the only Junior and Infant school in Kirklees to have its own TV production studio. This consists of a full HD camera, 'green screen' for special effects and an editing computer, as well as 2 HDTVs to broadcast what the children create to the rest of the school.



Film Making Club

A film-making club has been run as part of Club Time since early 2012. Children have had the opportunity to write, act in, film and produce their own short films and TV programmes. So far they've been teleported inside a computer, attacked by dragons and sent on strange errands in a school that makes no sense. What next?




Lydgate News

Children from upper Key Stage 2 have had the opportunity to write, present and produce their own news programme, "Lydgate News". With a mixture of studio and on-location reporting, they've dealt with some of the issues concerning pupils at Lydgate, as well as highlighting special days and events.




Class productions

Individual classes also use School's TV to support their learning. Some examples of this are a Lydgate version of Dragon's Den where children were pretending to sell their own imaginary sauce, and a series of videos about the London Olympics. Year 6 also have the chance to create their own short film during the summer term.

Year 6 Film 2012

The very first Year 6 film, "Truth or Dare", was a (mild) horror film about a seemingly ordinary school with a terrible secret lurking in the dark, creepy cellar. Considering it was the first film we'd ever made, it was an outstanding achievement by the children involved, and won an award at the St Albans Film Festival.



Y6 Film '13 - Escape from Incarnus

2013's Year 6 produced a film bursting with special effects, "Escape from Incarnus", about two children accidentally transported into a magical forest. Whilst trying to find their way home, they meet a lot of weird and wonderful characters with special powers such as fire-throwing, shape-shifting and time travel. Because it was mainly filmed in front of the green screen, "Escape" took nearly the whole term to create, but is hopefully something the children can look back on with pride in the years to come.



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