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Change Art Project - Year 5

In Year 5, we have been working with an artist and engineer to explore the scientific and historical connections between Chinese Shang Dynasty ceramics and modern-day engineering. In our first session, we got to experiment with clay, producing vehicles, thumb pots and even making our own oracle bones. We looked  at how the structure of clay changes when it is left to dry and is fired in a kiln. In our next three sessions we designed and made our own plates. Our final designs included elements from each workshop and some our work on the Shang Dynasty. See the artist's blog and more pictures of our work here.

Our final pieces will be on display in Batley Art Gallery over the summer. Please go and see our fantastic work! 

We will be holding a special workshop with our artist on 19th June and would love for parents to come and produce some fantastic artwork with their children. Please contact Mrs Patnelli if you would like to take part.