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This autumn a lot of our learning will be focused on Ancient Greece.  This was a great period in history and on our journey we will explore their amazing legacy which makes them still important our lives today such as democracy. Our map skills will develop as we compare how Modern and Ancient Greece have evolved and why city states held such an importance, especially the relationship between Athens and Sparta and how families were raised. Finally, we will know that the Ancient Greeks worshipped their Gods and how they used them as guides in their lives.


Science we will be all about the circulatory system this first term.  We will gain a deeper understanding into how and why we need to keep ourselves fit and healthy and then progress to explore the facts of inheritance and evolution.


Handwriting will be high profile this term to ensure that our letter formation, position on the line, joins and fluency improve.   We shall be exploring language, playing with sentence structure and enhancing our writing through descriptive settings, persuasive writing and responding to inferential questions in our reading skills lessons.


We love maths too and we will revisiting and progressing our:

  • Number: Place value up to 5 digits (tens of thousands)
  • Number : Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Measurement: Area and Perimeter
  • Statistics

Please Remember




Please bring your reading book in your book bag

Water bottle and packet of tissues

5 times a week

Reading at home and record in your yellow reading record book

Wednesday & Friday



Homework to be given out and returned the following Thursday.


Spelling test

Please help by practising your times tables at home up to x 12

Early bedtimes during the week so we’re ready to learn the next day at school

Pumps to be left at school and worn every day.


We are here to listen and help so please speak to us.

Class dojos are set up, along with our class email year5blydgate@kirkleeseducation.uk

Miss Benson, Mrs Lunat & Mr Ali


Y5 Y6 Curriculum Overview CYCLE 1
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