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Writing at Lydgate


At Lydgate we encourage creativity and imagination in our children's writing which we teach through active learning in Literacy, as well as through cross curricular activities. You can see this being taught through the art of storytelling with Pie Corbett's 'Talk for Writing', drama, ICT and discrete grammar and sentence lessons.

Every day, teachers plan for an opportunity for purposeful writing, whether this is in Science, ICT or even Topic, enabling them to explore the writing process in other subjects other than Literacy. Teachers model and share write with our children so that they are able to understand the mapping of a text type or construction of sentences and paragraphs. Additionally, teachers will work in focused guided writing groups during lessons, with all abilities, to ensure they learn effectively and are challenged at their own level.


Extended writing is completed, weekly and independently, by the children and a piece of 'Big Writing' is completed at the end of a Literacy unit. Children are then encouraged to re-edit their writing against a writer's toolkit where they are able to self-assess their own learning.

Each year group has their own writing outcomes to ensure they receive a balanced coverage of fiction, non-fiction, sentence and spelling throughout their learning at Lydgate. Teaching and learning is always differentiated so that all children have an opportunity to access their learning at their own level.

Key Stage 1

Children are given opportunities to develop their speaking and listening skills through continuous provision activities such as role play, which progresses to mark making and oral story telling. Children transfer these oral skills into independent writing for different audiences and purposes.


Key Stage 2

Children are taught how to write in a formal and informal tone for different audiences and purposes. They explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts which they deconstruct in order to understand how they are structured and then learn how to write their own.


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