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Jungle / Rainbow / Planet Maths

What is it?

During the previous academic year we launched a new initiative to help raise the profile of maths and to encourage the quick recall of number facts. We use this from Year 2 to Year 6.

It consists of 3 stages : Jungle Maths, Rainbow Maths and Planet Maths, and goes in that order.

Below is a description of each stage, some sample sheets and an example certificate that the children receive on completion of a level. 

Jungle Maths

Children start at Zebra then move to Lion and finally finish on Monkey.

This is the basic level and focuses on basic number facts, number bonds to 10, simple counting of objects and basic addition and subtraction calculations.

Jungle Certificate
Rainbow Certificate

Rainbow Maths

Children start at red and work through the colours of the rainbow and finish on violet.

This works on Jungle Maths and becomes more intense. This stage focuses on times tables, division calculations, squared numbers and missing numbers in sequences.

Planet Maths

Finally, when the children have finished the other stages they move onto Planet Maths. Children start at Mercury and end up finishing on Neptune.

This builds on Rainbow and Jungle Maths and looks at fractions, decimals and percentages, positive and negative numbers and factors.

Planet Certificate
Rainbow Certificate

It has proven to be very successful throughout school and has a very high profile. I am sure that you have heard your child talking about it. Each class have their own Rainbow Maths display and each time a child moves from a level they move themselves on the display!

Times Tables

As a school we think that times tables are key in numeracy. They are needed in nearly every numeracy lesson and are essential.

To raise the profile of times tables we purchased some new software where the children can complete their times tables facts on the computer and print a certificate to celebrate their success. In addition to this we celebrate their achievements during our achievement assembly on a Friday.

There are 4 levels that the children can obtain : Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master. This is done by the number of seconds they have per question. So Bronze children have as long as they need to answer a question, Silver allows 10 seconds per question, Gold allows 5 seconds per question and Master allows 3 seconds per question.

Times Tables 1(1)

We suggest that children from Year 2 onwards use the software and you can support your child at home by purchasing a Times Tables CD-ROM from the office for only £5.

If you have any questions regarding Maths within school, please speak to our Numeracy Co-ordinator Miss Quayle.

SilverTimes Tables 2


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