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Welcome to Year 6P!

Curriculum Overview

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Science - Growing up and growing old

In Science, we have been learning about how our bodies grow and develop as we get older. We carried out investigations that helped us understand what it feels like to be an elderly person and how our bodies change. We also looked at how babies develop during pregnance and carried out an experiment to test the absorbency of different brands of nappies.



This year, all our year 6 children will take part in Skillforce. Skillforce is a scheme designed to develop resilience and confidence as well as leadership and teamwork skills in children. So far, our first group has learned how to administer first aid, orienteering skills using a map and compass and developed and run their own sports games. For more information on Skillforce see http://www.skillforce.org


The Romans

In Year 6, we have been learning all about the Romans and their invasion of Britain. We have looked at how the Romans built roads to connect important towns and constructed Hadrian's wall to keep out invaders. We also practised sketching 3D images, adding tone and shade and applying this to our sketches of Roman temples.

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