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Climates and Biomes

During Spring Term, children will develop their knowledge about the world’s 5 main climate zones, the super animals and the amazing plants that can be found there (biomes). Using their reading skills they will research and learn why these living creatures and vegetation can survive there. Pupils will also learn about how human activities can impact climate change.

In science our learning will focus on growing up and getting older. Children will learn about the stages of human development and compare the length of gestation periods in different mammals. They will be using their maths skills to record and represent data.

In English we will be building on our previous learning and so further develop the grammar, vocabulary and the structure of our writing. Over the term we will have a range of reasons to write for different audiences and purposes.

We love maths too and we will be developing our skills in

  • Fractions and percentages
  • Measures
  • Area , perimeter and volume

 Please Remember 




Please bring your reading book in your book bag

5 times a week

Reading at home and record in your yellow reading record book

 Wednesday and Friday

PE kit


Maths and English homework given out in homework folder

Maths and English homework returned the following week.


Spelling test


We are here to listen and help so please feel free to come and see us with any questions at the Class 6H door any day after school.

Mrs Bham and Mrs Y Makda


Curriculum Overview



Aut 1


Aut 2


Spr 1


Spr 2

6 weeks

Sum 1

5 weeks

Sum 2

7 weeks



World War 2

Climate Zones

Polar/temperate and tropical zones




Properties and changes of materials

Comparing & grouping/uses of materials

Reversible and irreversible changes




Air resistance

Water resistance

Levers pulleys gears

Animals and Humans


Human Development



All living things and their habitats


Life cycles

Life processes plants /animals


Earth and Space

The sun

Solar system

The moon

Day and night



All living things and their habitats

Study and raise questions about local environment through the year.

Observe life cycle changes in a variety of living things.


A study of a significant turning point in History WW2

Battle of Britain/ aircraft

Campaigns: Dig for Victory / Black out

Rationing /war time recipes

Ann Frank

VE day / Medals

Animals in the war











Location knowledge

Latitude longitude equator, the tropics of cancer and Capricorn

Place  Region of south America( The Amazon)

Physical Climate zone-tropical/polar

Biomes- trunda, deciduous, coniferous forests, grasslands, mountainous & deserts.

River Amazon

Human geography in context of rainforest conservation


Computing (Level 2)

iJam – using the Garageband app

iLogic - coding


iAnimate – Stop motion

iBroadcast - Podcasting

iFilm – Using iMovie to create a trailer



-Pencil observation drawings of key leaders.

-Sketches of Air craft involved in the Battle of Britain (which will lead to Printing of these Air Crafts)

-Art sketches of real artefacts on loan from Books Plus.



-Construct models of medals awarded to RAF pilots who took part in B of B.

- Design, Construct and Evaluate an air raid shelter.

-War time recipes

Creating own recipes with limited ingredients.



-Henri Rousseau (Tiger In a Tropical Storm)

- Oenone Hammersley (Rainforest)

- Contemporary Artist-s Ruth Daniels/Helen Cowcher

Sketching, Pastel, Collage and Painting inspired by artists.


- Design, Construct and Evaluate a polar environmental setting.


-Artist- Peter Thorpe

- Planet/Rocket Pastel pictures inspired by artist.


-Design, Construct and Evaluate a space vehicle

-Space / Planets Mobile (link with Maths- Scaling, Measuring)


Agility, Balance,


Invasion Games






5.1 Why are some places and journeys special?

5.2 What values are shown in codes for living?

5.3 Should we forgive others?

5.4 What do Christians believe about old and new covenants




Feelings & Emotions


Recognising & responding to feelings in others.

Understanding between keeping someone’s confidence and breaking a secret.

Learning to recognise & manage dares.


Physical Health & Well Being


Healthy Lifestyles


Understanding healthy lifestyles & benefits of physical activity & healthy eating.

Positive & negative effects on physical, mental & emotional health.


My First Mobile (Online safety)


Physical Health & Well Being


Growing & Changing

Reflect on and celebrate achievements.

Identifying strengths, areas for improvements, aspirations and goals.

Extending vocabulary to explain range of feelings.

Deepening understanding of positive and negative feelings.

Learning about change through different transitions.

Understanding how bodies change through puberty.


Keeping Safe

School rules about health & safety & learn basic emergency aid.

Understanding and predicting risks.

Keeping emotionally and physically safe online, road & in different environments.

How independence brings responsibility.

Pressure through the media

Breaking habits.

Drugs and substances that can damage health.


Healthy Relationships

Recognising positive, healthy relationships.

How actions affects themselves & others.

Understanding acceptable & unacceptable behaviour.

Working towards collaborative goals.

Develop strategies to resolve disputes & conflicts.


Valuing differences

Recognising & challenging stereotypes.

Awareness of different types of relationships.

Listen to and respond respectfully to a wide range of people.

Understanding how similarities and differences can arise from lots of difference factors.

Realise the nature & consequences of discrimination, teasing, bullying and aggressive behaviours.

Living in the Wider World

Rights & Responsibilities


Research, debate & discuss topical issues, problems & events linked to health & wellbeing.

Rules & laws; Rights of a Child.

Human Rights.

British values and rights.

Consequences of anti-social & aggressive behaviours inc bullying & discrimination.

Resolving differences and respect.

Understand different kinds of responsibilities at home, school & in the community.

Resolve difference by looking at alternatives & respecting POV

Appreciate national, regional, religious and ethnic identifies in the UK.

Explore & critique how media present information.

Living in the Wider World

Taking Care of the Environment


Research, debate & discuss topical issues, problems & events linked to the environment.

Learn about community.

Recognise voluntary, community & pressure groups.

People living in other places.

How economic choices affect individuals & communities.


Money Matters

Role of money on own and others lives.

Understanding of interest, loan, debt & tax.

Enterprise & the skills.


Theme: WW2

Singing development: Pitch/rhythm/phrase/tempo.

Ukulele skills (ongoing through year.)

Theme: WW2

Singing in 2 parts.

Christmas performance focus.

Theme: Arctic to Tropical

Musical notation, rhythm and pitch.

Playing effective


Theme: Arctic to Tropical

Changes in dynamics/tempo/

Articulation/ metre

Theme: Space.

Composition and Listening focus.

Improvise using doh/ray/mi/soh.la.

Ostinato rhythms.

Theme: Space

Neil Armstrong



Instrumental skills.




Revising number and telling the time

Parts of the body & feeling unwell

New foods & drinks



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