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Welcome to Year 6M!

Curriculum Overview

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The Romans!

We love learning about the Romans! In Art we have been making mosaics, designing shields and using 3D shapes t help us sketch the Colosseum.

In our English writing lessons learned  a Roman myth (Jupiter and the Bee) orally, then used it to write our own myths.

In our History lessons we have been learning about the rebellion of Boudicca. Check back here soon to see our amazing roleplays and speeches!


The Extreme Earth!

As part of our Roman topic we will be learing all about Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius.

To get ready for this, we have been learning about the earth and what is under our feet. These are our model Earths made from modelling clay to create a cross section of our planet's layers.

Growing and Changing

In Science we have been learning about the changes we go through, from being born to growing old.

We tested different varieties of nappies to see how absorbent they really were!

We also conducted an investigation to see how our bodies change when we get older. This included reading really small text (through modified glasses), carrying a bag with weights and listening to different frequencies during a hearing test.

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